Photo by Go Nakamura / Make up by Hiroko Sacripante

Mika Kuramoto 倉本 美香

  • M.snow New York, Inc. コーディネーター
  • 日本ソムリエ協会認定資格保有

日米の架け橋となることを目指し、ビジネスコンサルティング会社OFFICE BEAD INC.設立。




2002年7月、OFFICE BEAD INC.を設立。現在に至る。

  • Office Bead Inc. / Principal
  • M. Snow New York Inc. / Coordinator
  • Japan Sommelier Association/ Sommelier

Mika Kuramoto is the representative of consulting firm, Office Bead Inc. that offers guidance to Japanese companies and individuals in New York. In the past, she has coordinated a major project involving a globally-known Japanese architect and a famous Japanese athlete, has provided consultation for development and management of a restaurant, jazz bar, and many others businesses and individuals seeking success in New York. She is also actively involved in on-site supervision of construction sites, and offers full support of obtaining various licenses and permits necessary to run a business. Her passion has led her to receive high reputation amongst her clients for her detailed advice, vast knowledge and heartfelt consultation to support the expansion of her clients businesses.

Before establishing Office Bead Inc., Mika worked as a Japan Airlines International Cabin Crew where she obtained her vast hospitality skills and knowledge. During her employment, she was elected as the youngest staff to be responsible for government flights (VIP flights). She also worked as a Public Relations Representative of Japan Airlines, and was frequently selected to appear in the media, including the popular “Cabin Attendant Calendar” – 100,000 copies of the calendar were printed in a year to meet popular demands during the 90’s. Organized by the leading cabin crews, Mika was also the founding member of Japan Airlines’ "Sommelier Group," and experienced offering a Beaujolais Nouveau Wine Flight. Mika has also obtained other certifications to expand her knowledge of alcoholic beverages. Through the experiences of leading and participating in projects that aim for higher customer satisfaction, she learned the heart of hospitality.

Her life in New York first began when she took advantage of a two-year study program in New York provided by Japan Airlines. While studying interior design, she was concurrently working as a New York correspondent for visiting employees and clients to smoothly explore hotels and restaurants. After her study program, she returns to her position as a cabin crew in Japan, but leaves shortly after to marry and build a family in New York – where she then founded Office Bead Inc. in July of 2002.