Paternal family home in Osaka, runs a knitting mill from the age of my
With the introduction of cheap Chinese products, the factory had been
completely reduced.
But there were a lot of big mills in the neighborhood when I was childhood.
The factory with the big cutting machine and a lot of sewing machine was
as wide as the gymnasium, and there were some extra rooms for the
workers on the second floor.
Long corridor was like the maze, and it was as if the playground for children.

My grandfather, selfish free-wheeling man, established his company
before, but if there was not grandmother's continued support stepping on
the sewing machine under the lamplight from morning till night, I was not
My grandmother was born in the Meiji Era, and did not cry in front of people
if she was even in painful.
She was a "woman of the Meiji Era," secretly cry in the shade of a chest of
We had a convention of former home to spend the New Year in Osaka.
But after our grandfather died, our family got a lot to welcome the New
Year in Tokyo.
I was always acting for my sister, brother and cousin together, so my
memories spent alone with my grandmother were very few.

One summer, when I was watching my grandmother working in the mill
from the shadow, she was beckoning me.
"Come on here, Mika. I had stepped on a sewing machine from childhood.
So, I have nothing to teach you, my grandchildren." she said.
"But only I can tell you how to use the scissor."

"If you use a bad scissors, everything won't go well.
Both cooking and sewing are same.
Just use the good cutting tool."
"I do not say to a luxury in my work.
But for only scissors, I have to buy the best one.
I'll give you one little luxury in secret."

My grandmother passed away three years ago, 97-year-old was a large
Meiji women secretly dropped the tears behind the chest of drawers, but
other hand, they might have mind of a stubborn and tough core.
She taught me that Good thing live more than the age.
The thread trimming scissors, which was loved by my grandmother, born in
Meiji Era, crossed the sea beyond the time.
It's still working by my side more than 30 years.

This is the story of a small treasure of my family.