I went back to Japan in a hurry because of family circumstances.
Going back to Japan in the beautiful cherry blossom season, was really the
first time in 11 years.
Since there was a complex situation to my own mission, I returned home
without the surrounding dare to tell.
But I was able to participate jumped into flower-viewing party that was held
at my high school in a timely manner.
The building at that time had been renovated completely.
But there still was the club room where I lurked in breaking out of the
class, and the small pond where I dropped into by playing with friends.
They reminded me a feeling of innocence of high school age.

I thought there was the uncountable effort by the staff that the guest
could not see.
Many alumni reunited for the first time in a quarter-century.
But thanks to their careful planning ability, we were able to spend in a
friendly atmosphere among the naivety rather to a short time.
I had just seen the struggle behind the scenes since I usually had a role to
work as a producer, but I enjoyed pretending not to notice it then as a
guest role.

Thanks to this great opportunity that I had a chance to reunion with such a
wonderful old friends.
At the same time, the spring of this year, I was reaffirmed the charm of
Japan again.