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As for New Yorkers with children, Birthday party for kids is one of the
things bothering for them.
It's easy if we invite family and close friends to home, but because of under
the apartment situation in Manhattan, mostly people open the party with
the help of venue somewhere.

When Children were very young, there was a lot of party that was
coordinated as an entertainment by renting the hall gym.
But along the age goes up, kids can make your own candy and pizza,
or amuse the painting of hand-molded earthenware, participatory party
is gradually increased.
Recently our kids have been invited the karaoke or bowling alley party

Even for kids of public school in the local, the budget per capita guests
is quite expensive.
Compared to the birthday party in Japan, budget costs much more, the
burden of parents is totally big.
It is surprising that In case for kids for private school, there is also
overnight trip project to the suburbs or uninhabited island with renting a
bus or private jet.

The U.S. children is forbidden even single walking on the street before 11
years old, but they would have been the ranks of the adult the other half
when they become 16 years old .
We feel the various contradictions, but parents would grow while being
pushed their back by growing child.

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