「EN Japanese Brasserie」のシェフ安陪弘樹氏は、ニューヨーカーに根強い人気がある。

ロサンゼルス店舗「Chateau HANARE」の開業準備のために、




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Mr. Hiroki Abe, a chef of "EN Japanese Brasserie" is very popular in New Yorkers.
Not to mention the cooking skill,
His character, introducing people without profit account, is unusual for the chef industry.

To prepare for the opening of the Los Angeles brunch "Chateau HANARE "
For six months after he moved to the west coast, the city of New York was a bit quiet.
The chefs counter to be held on the last Tuesday of every month was also closed.

"Chef Abe will hold 'Abe's Kitchen' only for one day."
Because people heard that announcement for the first time in half a year, the seat of the reservation was booked in one night.
Japanese were only me and my friend, and all other guests were like "food gourmet in the world class".

Beginning with Caviar macaron, Smoked sea urchin toast, Sashimi of Nodogro.
Foie gras hand roll, last is a chestnuts sweets and pumpkin ice cream.
Even so much, my favorite 15 dishes were served.

It was an opportunities to enjoy the Japanese taste of fall in New York.
The "hospitality power" of Chef Abe who raised his skill of cooking on the west coast was amazing.

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海外永住 ブログランキングへ "

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